Marius Leretter

Title: Closed Flap Immediate Implant Placement in Esthetic Post-extraction Sockets

This procedure involves creating a working space around the post-extraction socket and placing the implant at the same time the tooth is extracted, without fully opening the gum flap. This allows the preservation of soft tissue and gingival contour, leading to superior aesthetic results.

This surgical approach offers numerous advantages, such as reducing treatment time, less discomfort for the patient, and faster recovery. It also enables better integration of the implant into the bone and improved tissue support around it, contributing to the long-term stability of the implant and the final restoration’s aesthetics.

Placing an implant immediately into a post-extraction socket requires precise planning and high surgical expertise to ensure correct implant positioning and achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes. Additionally, it’s important to consider the local conditions of soft tissue and bone to ensure proper and predictable healing.