About Arad

Geographic Location

Due to its geographic positioning, Arad offers its inhabitants a lot of opportunities and benefits. Besides the local sights, the citizens of Arad may enjoy various activities both in Arad County and in its neighboring areas.

Welcome to Arad!

Whether you want to travel in the country or abroad, Arad is a good place of departure, with a large number of border crossings, among them being an airport, as well.

When talking about the local transport, Arad makes available for its inhabitants possibilities such as trams or buses. Due to numerous tramways, the Arad citizens may travel easily in the town. In addition, thanks to the buses, the transport outside the town is also facilitated. Constantly, there are works for the improvement of the infrastructure, both at the municipality and at the county levels.

Arad is an important town in the West of Romania, on the Mures river banks. It is an important industrial and transport center, being connected by roads and railways to the largest European cities. Arad has two universities, an Orthodox theological seminary and a Conservatory.

Under the domination of the Habsburg Empire, a new fortress was built during 1763 – 1783 which played an important role in the Hungarians’ war for independence in 1849. “Aradul Nou”, located on the other side of the Mures River, is a suburb connected to the town via a bridge. The constructions erected by the Turks for the siege of the Arad fortress in the 17th century forms the nucleus of the new settlement.