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Titlu: Dental emergencies in Dentistry

Dental emergency is an emergency whose first symptom is pain, bleeding and fracture. Pain implies an established lesion that can produce severe complications. The location of the pain can be at the level of the teeth, neighboring cracks, gums, mucous membranes, sinuses. That is why the patient in a dental emergency needs immediate medical care, diagnosis and pain treatment. Among the dental emergencies, the most common are: acute pulpitis, periodontitis, chronic apical periodontitis, teeth with increased mobility painful when moving, facial edema, acute pain during mastication, pulp hyperemia, cellulitis, dental abscess, phlegmon, facial edema. and stomatitis. In this paper I will highlight some clinical cases from my practice, namely: acute pulpitis, acute apical periodontitis, dental avulsions, dental fracture, facial edema and dental dislocation. The diagnoses and operations performed are presented. In conclusion, I would recommend, in order to solve dental emergencies, establishing the diagnosis according to etiology as quickly as possible, applying local and general treatment.