Sorin Mihali

Title: Aesthetic and functional integration of fixed prosthetic restorations

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sorin Mihali, PhD, Specialist of Prosthodontics, Associate Professor of Prosthodontics & Implantology Department, Boarded Certificated Diplomate ICOI

Fixed prosthetic restorations transmit the masticatory pressures of the bone through the natural teeth and the periodontium. Most of the time, the attention of the operator is mainly directed towards the aesthetic side, paying less attention to the functional side. For a prosthetic work to be predictable, the basic dental occlusology aspects must be strictly respected. That is why any prosthetic component such as crowns, inlays and dental veneers, after achieving the appropriate design from an aesthetic point of view, must be individualized to correspond from a functional point of view.

From the desire to achieve minimally invasive restorations and as natural as possible, all-ceramic systems appeared. The aesthetic (translucency, light transmission) and biological (biocompatibility, chemical stability) properties of ceramic masses make them widely applicable in dentistry. However, all-ceramic materials present adequate resistance for the realization of fixed prosthetic restorations as long as the forces are evenly distributed throughout the arch. From this point of view, attention to the functional part at the level of these types of restorations must sufficiently respect the biological and biomechanical principles. The objective of this course is to acquire new concepts for achieving clinical success in clinical practice.

The present work is illustrated, with clinical cases from own experience, thus presenting the technological innovations that brought aesthetic and functional results.

Key words: predictability, current concepts, fixed dental prosthetics, all-ceramic restorations, functional movements