Ramona Amina Popovici

Title: The use of digitized communication – VR Virtual Reality – in the management of pain and anxiety in dental medicine

Department 1, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania

In the rapidly evolving field of dental medicine, managing patient pain and anxiety remains a critical challenge. This presentation explores the innovative application of Virtual Reality (VR) as a digitized communication tool to enhance patient care by creating immersive, calming environments that distract patients from the discomfort of dental procedures. Beginning with general communication principles and their application in the medical domain, the session will emphasize effective patient-practitioner interaction. It will demonstrate how VR serves as a powerful medium to alleviate patient anxiety and improve treatment experiences. Traditional pain management techniques in dentistry will be reviewed, alongside an analysis of VR’s effectiveness and limitations. The ease of use and efficiency of VR headsets will be highlighted, with practical demonstrations of their implementation in dental settings. Join us to discover how VR can transform patient experiences in dental medicine, making procedures more tolerable and improving overall patient satisfaction