Oana Iovita

Title: Advantages and limitation of HyFlex System

Manufactured from Nickel-Titanium alloy with Controlled Memory (CM) heat treatment, HyFlex CM files are extremely flexible and more resistant to cyclical fatigue. HyFlex EDM, the 5Th generation of Coltene files, allow multiple regeneration and reuse. Due to their innovative manufacturing HyFlex EDM files have a unique surface and stand out by their durability and high fracture resistance. Therefore the files can follow the anatomy of the canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation. Furthermore the files can be pre-bent, similar to the way of stainless steel. Particularly in root canals with abrupt curvatures this can help to avoid the creation of steps. This form adaptation can be reversed quickly by heat treatment returning the instruments back to their original shape. Visual control after thermal treatment provides the opportunity to varify safe continuation of file use.

For drying and filling, the successful HyFlex CM system also offers paper and gutta-percha points ideally matched to the files.