Lile Ioana

Title: Current strategies in promoting oral health

Currently, although there are increasingly diversified methods of combating dental caries, which start from the intrauterine period, with birth the child, throughout childhood and adolescence, as well as during adulthood, the incidence of dental caries is increased in both children and adults. Dental caries is considered by the WHO to be one of the most common diseases that affect the human body, therefore the concerns in this sphere should be aimed at preventing it by any means, starting from the simplest procedures such as the oral health education lessons instituted from the earliest ages.

Following some studies, it has been clearly demonstrated that people react positively when they see a smiling face, and people who have a healthy, beautiful and confident smile are considered to be more intelligent, capable, productive, courageous, open-minded, honest, trustworthy, and successful.

However, not everyone knows how to get and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. The patient’s awareness of the way caries form, as well as the establishment of oral health education, can lead to a significant decrease in its incidence.