Lile Ioana

Title: Implementation and practice of dental prevention strategies

Continuous and systematic education regarding oral hygiene as well as oral health includes teaching the rules of correct oral hygiene, brushing and flossing, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and limiting consumption of sugar, among the children. Another important aspect of oral health strategies is accessibility to quality dental services. This involves ensuring adequate infrastructure for dental services and promoting an oral health system that is accessible and inclusive to all members of the community, regardless of socio-economic status. Oral health strategies should also include regular screening programs and preventive dental consultations, which allow early identification of dental problems and prompt intervention to prevent and treat them in their early stages.

The two oro-dental prevention programs, “Happy Dent Children’s Workshop” and “Smiley Teeth – Oral Health Education Lessons”, successfully implemented in the schools of Arad for more than 10 years, offer a framework in which oral health education and evaluation of the participants’ oro-dental status. Apart from these programs, there should be other effective dental health strategies that can be easily adopted and implemented.

In conclusion, a holistic and integrated approach to oral health, which includes both preventive education and access to quality services and regular screening programs, is the basis for the development of effective prevention strategies and oral health care in communities like the one in Arad.