Lavinia Rapan

Titlu: Endo-periodontal lesions. Clinical aspects

Endo-periodontal lesions involve infectious damage to both the endodontic system and the periodontal system.

1.Classification: Simon, Glick & Frank

2.Classification: Carranza

-Triggers of pulp pathology;

-Triggers of periodontal pathology;

-Progression of pulp and perirapical pathology;

A thorough examination with appropriate investigations remains essential for the diagnosis of a endo-periodontal lesions. Correct diagnosis of these lesions is important as it allows the most appropriate clinical treatment to be planned:






-vitality test

-depth at probing

The treatment and the prognosis depend on the correctness of the diagnosis made. The most important elements that help us in diagnosing endo-periodontal lesions are pulp vitality and the size of the periodontal defect.