Ion V Corlan

Title: The Benefits of using PRF Tehnique in the stabilisation of periodontitis with fast evolution – Corlan Ion Virgil, Mojse Marius

This clinical case uses Prf Tehnique , mainly Prf membranes , in order to obtain superior clinical outcomes in comparison to conventional non surgical treatment of an irreversible periodontal disease.

Unlike the slow evolution form of periodontitis (former chronic periodontitis ) , the fast evolution(former aggressive periodontitis )  form presents clinical features that can be much more challenging for an unexperienced clinician  as far as treatment and prognosis go.

The PRF Tehnique , from its first clinical introduction , approximately 20 years ago , has wider and wider use in dental medicine and not only , due to its main advantage of not using any external products , but the patient s very own products, so that the risk of any allergic reaction is  reduced to zero.

This clinical case (M, 36 years old) highlights  superior clinical results when using PRF membranes(technique) after  surgical SRP (flap method )  in comparison to conventional non surgical treatment of the fast evolution form of periodontitis.