Ion Corlan

Title: The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in complex periodontal treatment

Interdisciplinary collaboration in complex periodontal treatment is essential to achieve optimal results in patient care. The periodontium is a complex structure, and its conditions may require multiple approaches to be treated effectively. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, specialists from various fields (such as periodontology, endodontics, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, etc.) can bring different perspectives on the state of health of the periodontal patient. The collaboration between different specialties allows the development of a personalized treatment plan, adapted to the specific needs of each patient, so in the case of a complex periodontal condition that requires both surgical interventions and non-invasive therapy, an interdisciplinary team can create a plan that combines surgical procedures with non-invasive therapy to achieve the best results. Interdisciplinary collaboration allows the medical team to combine their expertise and resources to achieve better results in less time.